What is "Self Drive Latvia"?

It is a new way to travel in Latvia created by us for those, who want to spend an unforgettable day discovering Latvia off the beaten track. We have prepared exciting routes that take you to some roads that even many locals do not know about. We will provide you with GPS navigation maps ready to use, showing you the route and highlighting points of interest as well as descriptions to guide your way. There are some well known attractions included in those routes as well as some hidden gems.

20 years of experience

Routes, descriptions, and suggestions are prepared by experienced car tourism and off-road driving experts, revealing hidden gems that you will not find in guidebooks.


You have the ultimate independence on our trips, where you determine yourself how fast or slow you want to go and how long time to spend in one particular point of interest. At any time, you can go off the route and then return to it.


There is no need to waste your time planning the route, researching places to go, points of interest along the way. You just have to open ready-made route in your navigation app.

Your choise

Set off with your own or rental car, choose if you would like to travel on your own, with friends or family. There are routes that are created for four-wheel drive SUVs as well as routes suitable to any street car.


Zemgale (Semigallia)

5 tours


8 tours

Selija (Selonia)

2 tours

Latgale (Latgalia)

3 tours
Kurzemes jūrmala

Kurzeme (Courland)

7 tours


  • Personally, the most interesting part for me was crossing the border in the middle of nowhere. You drive along a forest track that is width of the car and then suddenly – border columns! Half-ruined churches and things like that are nice, but it was also a beautiful place by the old railway bridge. There was not any major mud along the way, but in some parts BMW X5 would have not made it through. All in all, I really liked the day, I doubt I would have ever gotten to places like this off my own back.

    Maris A.
  • Thank you! It was enjoyable!

    Aleksejs K.
  • Thank you! We absolutely love these trips!

    Aivars S.
  • We completed the route, thank you, it was compelling! I would have liked it to include less gravel and paved roads, but there were enough tracks where to seek some adventures!

    Rihards K.
  • We did 3 different routes in three weekends. Today we were already 3 families with 3 cars. We loved it! For the big boys (us – fathers) it was a chance to play in the sand with vehicles (we had fun with our SUVs on the sand hills), kids had their own party and banter. We concluded the day with a fantastic picnic by the lake. I truly recommend it.

    Juris S.
  • Beautiful sights, good description. Thank you! I would love to try cross River Lielupe in Jeep with some knowledgeable people.

  • Thank you, it was awesome! Now just must get around to cleaning the car! 🙂

    Normunds S.
  • Thank you very much for the route! It was an amazing day! Unfortunately, we could not get in Lithuania…. I guess that was the only disappointment in our trip. We will definitely try other routes too!

    Viesturs I.


"Self-drive Latvia" for car tourism

Edvins Bauers – the creator and director of “Self-drive Latvia” invites everyone who has a car of any class to try a unique way to travel in Latvia – drive unknown roads and tracks, soak up the beautiful landscapes and discover hidden places!

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