About “Self-Drive Latvia”

Adventures created by “4x4 Centrs” and “4x4 Tour Experts”

“Self Drive Latvia” those are exciting tracks and routes for every car owner to discover by using GPS app to have an incredible day, full of adventures exploring Latvia off the beaten track. You will be swept away by the things we have to show you!

Edvins Bauers, founder of "Self Drive Latvia"
Welcome to Latvia and to "Self Drive Latvia" experiences!

We are a team
of experienced auto tourism experts

The professional and personal team of “Self Drive Latvia” has years of experience in creating routes for auto tourism and finding interesting and beautiful places. Now we bring this experience to you, presenting specially crafted car tracks, where we have weaved in everything, that in our opinion is really worth seeing and unknown for general public: striking landscapes, spellbinding places of interest and exciting roads and tracks in Latvian countryside!

You will be amazed by the variety of things to see and experience in Latvia!

Our mission

Our mission is to promote auto tourism and off-road driving as a fantastic form of active recreation.

Identifying places of interest

We drive around Latvia to find and identify unique natural spots, cultural-historical objects, old farmsteads, country roads, beautiful and undeservedly forgotten places.


Nature trips and off-road expeditions have been the passion of our experts for more than 20 years.


We provide all kinds of information to anyone interested in travelling by car in nature.


All routes are designed with respect for private property and crafted in a way not to harm the environment.

Widespread geography

The routes we prepare cover all regions of Latvia and also visit our neighbouring countries.