Terms of service

By purchasing and using “Self Drive Latvia” auto tourism routes, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following:

1. You are fully responsible for your doing and safety on the roads as well as around places of interest. In extreme weather conditions or if some part of the road is temporarily impassable, find an alternative road to bypass the section of the road that is impassable and continue your following the route on the line in the map.

2. You can go off the marked line in the route, but it is your responsibility. Remember that all roads and land are owned by someone and you are responsible about where and how you go.

3. Please treat environment, places of interest and roads with respect! Take your rubbish with you, make sure you leave everything as it was! Respect the locals, their way of life and beliefs!

4. Routes that are marked as SUV are made for four-wheel drive vehicles with increased ground clearance, but there are no harsh off-road challenges and it is not expected that you would be breaking or scratching your vehicle along the way.

5. It is forbidden to publish or share routes and their descriptions printed or online. By buying a route, you agree not to publish the information you receive.

6. You are free and welcome to share photos of your adventures, not mentioning the names of the places of interest or their locations!

7. We would be pleased to hear about your adventures and experiences. Also please let us know if you encounter anything that is not the way it should be.