Using .GPX files on mobile devices

1. Download the gpx file on your mobile device.
2. Download any of the apps that are meant for using gpx files from Google Play or App Store. We have tested and can suggest following apps: Geo Tracker, GPX Viewer, OsmAnd, My Trails, Maps Me (Android), MyTracks and LVM GEO (iOs).
3. Find a file folder on your mobile device (My files or similar), find a folder called Downloads in it.
4. In Downloads folder you will have the gpx file you have downloaded. Tap on the file. Your device will offer you several options for opening it. Tap on Other.
5. All apps you have on your device that can read gpx files will show now. Choose one of them and you will see the route on your screen!

Step 3 and 4

Step 5