Frequently asked questions

What kind of vehicle do I need to be able to do the routes?

All our routes are made mainly for standard four-wheel drive vehicles. Please note that there are few routes that you can do in a normal car, but to accomplish most of the routes safely and confidently, you will need a vehicle with increased ground clearance and four-wheel drive (SUV 4×4). It is not expected that you would be breaking or scratching your vehicle along the way. In extreme weather conditions or if some part of the road is temporarily impassable, find an alternative road to bypass the section of the road that is impassable and continue your journey following the route as marked in the map.

How to open and use the route I have purchased?

To use our routes, you will need a mobile device with internet connection (phone, tablet or laptop) that has a GPS navigation app installed. Simply download the route file on the app of your choice, place your device on the front panel of your car safely and follow the line you see on your screen. You will also see points on your map that mark places of interest. Feel free to adapt the route to your interests, time you have and your situation. If you could not manage to do the whole route and see everything – come back and take it from where you left off another day!

In which app can I open the received route file?

After purchasing the route, you will receive a file with the track in .GPX format. You can open this extension file on any mobile device using various navigation apps. We have tested several of them ourselves, which we recommend for use. More on that here: https://www.selfdrivelatvia.com/palidziba/

What do you suggest I pack and take with me, setting off on a route?

First, we suggest making sure you have a good company 😊 Also you should pack suitable clothing, considering weather conditions and enough food. For routes close to the borders you will need your passport or ID. If you plan to travel in the dark bring a good quality flashlight and / or headlight as well as extra batteries. For routes that are made for four-wheel drive SUVs, we recommend bringing an axe, saw, shovel and tow rope. 

After purchasing the route, how long and how many times can I use it?

Once you purchase a “Self Drive Latvia” route, you get to use it unlimited amount of times. After the completion of purchase, you will receive a link, where you can download description of the route as well as GPS navigation map. This link will be active for 1 week and will allow to download files once.

Can I share, publish, or hand to third parties the route I have purchased?

All rights of every route made by “Self Drive Latvia” are reserved. By purchasing a route, you undertake a legal obligation not to share, publish or hand to third parties the files you have received. It is forbidden to publish in print or online the route maps and route descriptions. Feel free to share photos and videos of your adventures!

How can I pay for a route?

You can pay for “Self Drive Latvia” route by PayPal, debit card or credit card (Visa and Mastercard). After you have completed the purchase, within few minutes, you will receive an invoice as well as detailed route description and gpx navigation file in your email.