Route #11 “Out of the ordinary”: Jekabpils – Lake Lubans – Rezekne


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Route #11 “Out of the ordinary”: Jekabpils – Lake Lubans – Rezekne

  • Route: Jekapbils – Barkava – Lake Lubans – Dricani – Rezekne (LV)
  • Duration: 1 day (9 - 10 hours)
  • Length: ~ 180 km
  • Places of interest: 20
  • Make sure you pack: weather appropriate clothing, hiking boots or other type of outdoor footwear, insect repellent
  • Level of difficulty: appropriate for SUVs

Key words for this route could be “With one foot in Vidzeme, with the other in Latgalia”. You will experience connections and differences between the roots of the 2 historical and cultural regions. You will also witness the balance between the compelling force of nature and man’s eternal ambition to utilize it to his advantage. This is unusual in some ways even challenging route, because on this journey, tracks lead through areas far from the main roads and places that people would rarely wonder into.

Route highlights:

  • Latvia’s biggest lake and opportunity to cruise along its dam
  • A variety of landscapes
  • Historical buildings typical to both - Vidzeme and Latgalia
  • Lots of lakes, rivers, and canals decorating the landscape
  • You will have to assess your own, and your vehicle’s, capabilities on some forest tracks

What do you get for your money?

  • The best places of interest in this area
  • A route, specially crafted for 4-wheel drive vehicles
  • Route overview map
  • A list of places of interest and short description about each attraction
  • A route and pins for places of interest in gpx file format
Route description

Different from the usual routes

This trip literally takes you off the beaten track. If you woud have to get from Jekabpils to Rezekne or vice versa, there is a wide and good quality road to do that, but we invite you to go “out of the ordinary”. Take the small roads through forests and plains to see new places and new horizons, for example, rarely seen landscapes like periodically flooded meadows and wetlands by Lake Lubans and hills around Rezekne. You will go through plains, areas with rolling hills around you, dense forests, and broad fields. There are lakes and picnic spots along the route, in the summertime, go ahead and indulge yourself in a refreshing swim!

The biggest lake in Latvia and beyond that

Lake Lubans is not only the largest lake in Latvia, but only a few know that it is the largest diked lake in Europe – the total length of dams in Lake Lubans is 36 kilometres! You will enjoy a beautiful ride overlooking the expanses of the lake along one of these dams!

The oldest wooden church in Latgalia and ...

Yes, during the trip you will see several churches, including the oldest wooden church in Latgale. Each church is like a little surprise because they are so different, and you never know what to expect!

Besides that, we have a bog walk, craftsmen’s workshops, and other things up our sleeve for this route.

You will not regret exploring this area!


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